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An awesome collection of React Hooks & Utilities!

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What is this?

Haiku is a simple & lightweight React library with the goal of saving you time by offering a large collection of hooks & utilities that will help you get the job done faster & more efficiently!


Installing Haiku is very easy!
Requires React >=16.8.0


npm install react-haiku


yarn add react-haiku


pnpm install react-haiku

Using Haiku with NextJS

Because Haiku uses ES6 modules, it is not transpiled by NextJS automatically since it's an external dependency, so you may have to follow a few extra steps to set it up correctly:

  1. Add the next-transpile-modules package to your project:
npm install next-transpile-modules
  1. Configure your project's next.config.js file to transpile Haiku:
const withTM = require('next-transpile-modules')(['react-haiku']);
module.exports = withTM({});

After following these two steps, importing features from react-haiku into your project should work as expected!

I hope you will have as much fun using Haiku as I had creating it!