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The useMediaQuery() hook allows you to react to media queries inside of your React components. It accepts a media query argument and returns true or false when the query is a match or not with your current browser's properties.


import { useMediaQuery } from 'react-haiku';


Resize your window!

import { useMediaQuery } from 'react-haiku';

export const Component = () => {
const breakpoint = useMediaQuery('(max-width: 1200px)');

return (
<p>Resize your window!</p>
<button className={breakpoint ? 'green-button' : 'red-button'}>
{breakpoint ? "It's a match for 1200px!" : "Not a match for 1200px!"}


  • initialValue – Boolean value to specify the initial value of the query matches result
    const breakpoint = useMediaQuery('(max-width: 1000px)', false);