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The useClipboard() hook will help you interact with the browser's navigator.clipboard property in order to copy text to the user's clipboard.


import { useClipboard } from 'react-haiku';


import { useClipboard } from 'react-haiku';

const Component = () => {
const clipboard = useClipboard({ timeout: 2000 });

return (
<button onClick={() => clipboard.copy('Haiku Rocks!')}>
{clipboard.copied ? 'Copied' : 'Copy'}


The useClipboard hook takes an argument options where you can set the timeout duration for a successful copy operation

  • copy – method use to copy a string to the clipboard
  • copied – boolean value that indicates a successful copy
  • reset – method that can clear any timeout and reset the copied value
  • error – error handling object returned if any potential errors occur